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Embrace The Versatility Of The Goddess Tee

​Casual chic to office elegance

KPC Tees

KPC is setting a new standard and doing away with the “basic” t-shirt (read: boring, boxy and overly expensive) and bringing women around the world a new “versatili-tee” that will take you from 9am to 9pm. 

Not only will you look like royalty while wearing KPC tees – you will feel like royalty and will want to live in our t-shirts because they feel so so good. 

We believe that purchasing and wearing KPC t-shirts are a form of self-care – which you deserve. Because when you feel good, you will be better able to live out the KPC values of being kind, patient, and compassionate

WELCOME to the KPC family. 

What Our Customers Say

OMG, I love the Goddess tee! Especially the v-neck.
My KPC tee fits great and it feels good enough to sleep in.
I have 2 Goddess tees - black and white. These are now my go-to tees!
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Look Good, Feel Good...Live KPC

Created kindly
crafted patiently
shared compassionately
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